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Garret Rapp of The Color Morale joins the podcast this week. We talk about the Cornerstone Festival, Warped Tour, Charities and thoughts on depression and happiness. Real talk.


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Live Performance, DI, Touring, Growing up in Virginia, Humans, Politics, Stoics, Philosophy of life, work ethic, job interview, Waiting the movie.’

Hip Hop Hardcore with Tayves Pelletier @kingyosef_ @cogentofficial and Photographer Ryan McKinnon @RjMKinnon.

iPhone Photography, Product Design, Start Ups with Erik Hedberg, Co-Founder and Designer of Moment App + lenses. Check out Moment here:

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Sherri Dupree Bemis on the new Eisley recording, being a mom, staying optimistic and keeping it real. 

@SDupreeBemis on all Socials. @Eisley

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The nightmare and what kitchen life is really like with MASTER CHEF and ENTREPRENEUR JOHN NESBY. He and his wife own and operate the Green Light Diner in Poulsbo, WA.

John drops knowledge about food, business, mushroom hunting, clean food, and he even shares a nice simple Avacodo recipe.

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Get inspired as we talk Zen this week. Also, thoughts on the new Blink182 album! 

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Ryan Holiday is back on the podcast with news about his new book, Why Ego is the Enemy. Philosophy, stoicism, and Kanye West! 

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Mike chats with the guys of Millencolin about American politics, beer, travel, and their new album, True Brew. Then Tom and Yuri join him for a recap of the LA shows.

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Songs, image, collaboration and Austria's own Arnold. 
@Marcus_Smaller joins Mike this week.

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