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Joe Moxley joins the podcast while he's in town to celebrate 10 years of Business behind the scenes: clothing, tattoo, music. 

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Stacy Jones from American HIFI, Letters to Cleo, and Miley Cyrus' band joins the podcast this week..

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Yuri Ruley, Tom and Kelly Wisniewski join the podcast while heading home from The Descendents show. Behind the Scenes of the show and some election/Trump thoughts.

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Broadway Calls, punk scene, growing up, making records, songwriting…

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Mike catches up with Robert Garza while in Texas! Cryo-therapy, Ju Jitsu, Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship. 

Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire joins the podcast this week! 

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Leanor Ortega from Five Iron Frenzy joins the podcast this week! 

Local musician and World traveler, James Hunnicutt joins the podcast. Business, music, goals, travel, Dakota pipeline.

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Raw real and soul searching episode with @KeatonPierce of @TooCloseToTouch.

Soccer talk, music, starting a band, getting a record deal, Epitaph Records...

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Casey Crescenzo from The Dear Hunter joins the podcast this week to talk the Singularity, Memories, music, and even head transplants.

This week’s guest is Casey Crescenzo.

Casey is a singer/song writer and is most notably known for his work in bands The Dear Hunter, and The Receiving End of Sirens. In episode 170 Mike and Casey cover a wide variety of interesting topics that range from head transplants to video rotoscoping. So kick back, enjoy yourself, and maybe even learn some stuff.


Where might I learn more about Casey Crescenzo you ask?

Here’s his Twitter

Here’s his Wiki

And of course Instagram


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(read’em, learn’em, love’em)

Background, Context & Reference:

  • Ten years of music [3:30]
  • Rotoscope  [10:00]
  • Where’s Casey [13:50]
  • Back to videos [14:15]
  • A new head [15:45]
  • Downloading memories [19:30]
  • Subjective Experience [24:00]
  • Connecting to the audience [27:45]
  • Times change so we change [36:45]
  • Advice from Mike [40:30]
  • Act 5 What’s next [46:00]
  • How to find Casey [52:00]
  • MxPx Show Announcement [55:00]

Notable People Discussed:



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