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#238 - Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath


Spencer tells me why he doesn't have Facebook. We go in depth about how the new Underoath album was written and recorded. We talk about a number of topics from culture to the music business. 

Underoath - Erase Me (Fearless Records) out everywhere now!!!


MXPX has a new album coming this summer! 

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A conversation with Steve Cabellero about Professional Skateboarding, practice, dedication and passion for mastering your profession. Steve hits us with nugget after nugget of wisdom and that positive attitude. My hope is that you'll get a lot of value from this podcast. Enjoy to pre order the upcoming new album!!


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The Mike Herrera Podcast 

#236 A conversation with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens

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A conversation with Jason "Wee Man" Acuña about skateboarding, Jack Ass, his acting career and the Taco Business!


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On the podcast today is Travis Boersma co-founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee, the largest privately owned drive through coffee chain.  He and his brother Dane founded the company in 1992 after government regulations forced their family out of their dairy business in Grants Pass Oregon.



Fixer Upper [1:00]

Under Cover Boss [3:00]

Dutch Bros 92 [10:50]

The Dairy Life [14:00]

Football Pencils [19:30]

Espresso Cart [22:00]

Making Changes [30:00]

Tears and Pain [33:00]

Self awareness [36:00]

Treating people well [44:00]

The modern company [47:00]

Music state of mind [51:30]

Tech and change [56:00]

Rebel energy [1:00:00]

Notable Links Discussed:

Dutch Bros

Tony Robbins

Napoleon Hill


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Here's a brand new episode that will give you the updates on what we've been doing and why. Some big changes but mostly many small ones. My 11 time guest Chichila joins me for this ode to conversation for conversations sake and add value in the process. We get deep into music business talk here. Let me know what you think @mikeherreraTD


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This year's highs and lows with Jason Hockney Zeimet. 

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Trevor, Tony and Andy from the MxPx crew join the podcast while in New York City.

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Stephen Egerton (Descendents, All) joins the podcast.

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Mike's mom joins the podcast!

Find her on Twitter: @mxpxstoremanager

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