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Mike talks with Ben Weasel this week! They talk about touring, his public persona, modern day music industry/society, songwriting, The Catholic Church, Outcasts, and a lot more! 

I grew up in the days where you got a cassette with an album on it. Dubbed from a dub. I didn't know what bands looked like or how many Twitter followers they had. My only evidence or context of the band was based off listening intensely to the music. My imagination ran wild with larger than life images of what the band was. But they were larger than life to me. For example. I thought the band ALL was this huge rock band just from listening to Allroy's Revenge on a dubbed cassette over and over. Even when I saw them play on a school night in 91' at the OK Hotel I still hadno idea what the band looked like. This was no different for how I discovered Screeching Weasel. My brain hurts to think back that far but I almost always think of my days ditch digging and doing manual labor and maintanance for rental apartments and duplexes. It was my buddy Rich and myself in a his truch blasting Boogada Boogada Boogada from one job to the next. Punk rock was the soundtrack to my life. Work, play, rain or shine. Screeching Weasel was there for me. Thanks for doing the podcast Ben. Take a listen and learn a few things about Ben Weasel. I didn't know what he looked like till I met him in person last year when MXPX played our first show with them in Portland, OR.

Ben Weasel (born Benjamin Foster) is a punk rock musician, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of bands Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales.

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