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Garret Rapp of The Color Morale joins the podcast this week. We talk about the Cornerstone Festival, Warped Tour, Charities and thoughts on depression and happiness. Real talk.

  Later in the podcast I tell a very personal story about my balls. So hide your children cause it gets graphic.

MHH166 - Garret gets on the phone as they get to a rare day off on the Van's Warped Tour. We talk about the new album,Desolate Divine that's out today and we go way into why some festivals thrive (Van's Warped Tour) and why others have gone the way of the buffalo (Cornerstone Festival).

Other Topics:

Band Happy,  tactics for everyday success and happiness. Mentoring, connecting, Hope for the day, Heart support, Depression, Happiness,

 The Color Morale 

Garret Rapp [lead vocals, keys]
Aaron Saunders [rhythm guitar, vocals]
Devin King [lead guitar]
Mike Honson [bass]
Steve Carey [drums]

For the Rockford, IL quintet, treading new territory has uncovered their most poetic, potent, and powerful body of work to date in their fifth studio album,Desolate Divine, which captures the band’s palpable aggression through expansive production, yielding to a bigger sonic backdrop, while preserving the sense of emotional vulnerability they’re known for. Following the success of early albums, We All Have Demons [2009], My Devil in Your Eyes [2011], and Know Hope [2013], the group received a 2014Alternative Press Music Awards nomination in the category of “Best Breakthrough Band.” Shortly after, Hold On Pain Ends debuted at #28 on the Billboard Top 200 upon release—the group’s highest chart position yet. The recording process for Desolate Divine marks a first for the musicians as they enlisted multiple producers and songwriters to perfect the dynamic sound they wanted to achieve—Dan Korneff [Pierce The Veil, The Devil Wears Prada], Erik Ron [Panic! At The Disco, Saosin], Scott Stevens [Shinedown, Halestorm, Nothing More], Arnold Lanni [Simple Plan], and Matt Wentworth. Whether you’re a first-time listener or a long-time diehard, you’ve likely never heard The Color Morale like this before, as the band remains unflinchingly real and unashamedly ambitious in Desolate Divine, slated for an August 2016 release. (

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