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This weeks episode is all MxPx. The boys hit the road for a Descendents show so naturally in the car Mike pulls out the mic and the stories start coming out. So put on those headphones, sit back, and listen to Mike, Tom, and Yuri cover Trump, music, snacks, drinks and all the things that make life fun. These photos were from a trip to Silver City Brewery with the guys. We got a tour of the whole place and more than enough to drink!

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Background, Context & Reference:
•    Road Trip! [6:30]
•    MxPx Shows [9:00]
•    Trump [9:40]
•    The Descendents [13:00]
•    Everything Sucks [18:00]
•    Yuri Drinks [26:30]
•    Tom passes out [32:30]
•    Mikes Rock [35:30]
•    Back to The Descendents [38:30]
•    Portland [43:45]
•    Secret tapes and leaks [47:00]
•    Election stuff [50:00]
•    MxPx cover song [55:45]

Notable People Discussed:
•    MxPx
•    Shades Apart
•    NOFX
•    The Descendents
•    The Clash
•    Tom Petty
•    Bill Stevenson

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