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This weeks guest is Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi, Letters to Cleo and the Miley Cyrus Band. Stacy has done just about everything you can in the music world. Drummer, Front man, producer, director, and honestly anything else you can think of. Stacy, Mike, and Jake bring this episode in like a wrecking ball so sit back and find out how some hard work and a little bit of luck can change your life.    

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Background, Context & Reference:
•    Baby tours the world! [2:00]
•    Stacy has a lot of hats [5:00]
•    Stacy goes to school [7:00]
•    Letters to Cleo [15:30]
•    How HiFi started [19:00]
•    Be yourself [21:45]
•    Stacy becomes a producer [29:45]
•    Hard work and blind luck [33:30]
•    Being a music director [36:00]
•    When we were kids [42:00]
•    The Ever Passing Moment [44:15]
•    Stacy every day life [47:00]
•    What Stacy’s doing now [56:00]

Notable People Discussed:
•    Meg and Dia
•    Beavis and Butthead
•    Flaming Lips
•    Steve Jordan
•    The Pixies
•    The Lemonheads
•    Neil Peart


Thanks to Sarah Allspaw @SarahAllspaw for producing and helping with the distribution, Jake Gravbrot @walkintothelightphotography for photos, video and co-hosting, the Idobi Radio Team, Jabber Jaw Media, & The Bob and Katie Show for preparing show notes. Special thanks to you the listeners and readers of this blog. I appreciate you. Thanks for listening.

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