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This weeks guest is Joe Moxley of Legionnaire! It’s been ten years since the launch of Legionnaire so Mike and Joe sit down and talk about everything that has changed over time and where the company is headed. Some times in business it’s good to keep up with the trends but other times it’s best to stay true to what you’re passionate about. Also the drunk Vegas Uber story is pretty great so put on those headphones, hit play and enjoy the ride.

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Background, Context & Reference:
•    Joe’s back in school [4:30]
•    Eyebrow Tattoos [9:30]
•    Legionnaire [11:30]
•    Making changes [18:30]
•    Legionnaire Origin [20:00]
•    Old is the new new [26:00]
•    History means more [31:00]
•    This internet thing [36:30]
•    What’s Joe into now? [41:00]
•    Sweet Water Tattoo [44:00]
•    Vegas. Drinks. Uber [47:00]
•    MxPx 25 years [55:00]

Notable People Discussed:
•    Legionnaire
•    MxPx
•    Sweet Water Collective

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