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Keith Underwood @underwoodtattoo 

Keith was brought up in the tattoo world as a traditional tattoo artist. With an apprenticeship under Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone (who has worked with the great traditional tattoo artists “Sailor Jerry” Collins and Ed Hardy), Keith’s career path led him to the knowledge of traditional ways of tattooing and his way of doing business.

In recent years Keith has been building a boxing empire with his company Underwood Promotions that puts on boxing events in the city of Austin, TX including Tattooed gloves, a charity event that has professional tattooers get in the ring with each other. 

Keith sounds like a busy man, but he has proved that he can handle running multiple businesses and raise a family at the same time. With a solid shop to call his own in Texas, Keith is looking forward to making it as successful as his other businesses and spending more time with his wife and their two boys, Rooster Malone and Johnny Cash.



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