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#269 Bernie Leos - Tumbledown Touring Mexico

Lead singer of Mexican Ska Punk band Los Kung Fu Monkeys, music business man and good friend of mine  joins the podcast to talk about our days on tour together in Mexico. Bernie used to book the tours and was our tour manager on a one very ill fated tour. But the memories are pure gold and I still love Mexico. I can't wait to go back. 

Of note. Bernie translated and actually rewrote the lyrics for my song "Great Big World" into Spanish. Instead of some of the great American Cities that Tumbledown played in, we did a Mexican version of all the great cities of Mexico. Hope you enjoy it if you listen. It's gotta be kind of amusing to hear me sing en Español. ;)

You can hear the track anywhere you stream music. Search Tumbledown Great Big World Spanish. 

Don't miss this and in case you missed the last podcast with #268 Harley Trotland (Drummer) #267 with Jack Parker, go listen to those too.They go right along with this.

Tumbledown memories from our touring days. 


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