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Matt Collyer is the singer and guitar player of Montreal based ska band, The Plantet Smashers.

Matt joins me this week to talk about the wonder and mystery of the Canadian Province of Quebec.

We cover the music scene  (not fully) past and present, the clubs, the food, the bands and festivals. Both his band the Planet Smashers and my band, MxPx will be performing this weekend (September 17) at Music 4 Cancer Fest right outside Montreal in the town of St. Terese.

MxPx just finished recording a cover song by The Planet Smashers called “Unstoppable” and will be releasing soon. We’ll be teasing it a little bit this week and filming at the fest. Come by and shout at us if you’re there!

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September 17 - Music 4 Cancer Fest in Montreal, Quebec Canada

Friday - NOV 18th @ HOB Chicago on Sale Now!

Saturday -  NOV 19 @ The Rave in Milwaukee on Sale Now!


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