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Jeff is a longtime friend of mine and we catch up and reminisce about our time together doing shows and tours. We also talk about the near future and the shows that Ninety Pound Wuss is playing. His band and my band kinda grew up together or at least along side one another. I love this band and this dude. And another cool thing is that Furnace Fest this year will be a reunion of our bands playing together. It's been too long. Here we go!

This week’s topics include:

Drinking Pee and Cultish behavior with Jeff Suffering

Ninety Pound Wuss Reunion

Furnace Fest September 22

1st NPW show in over 23 years in Bremerton, WA

July 29 at Tracyton Movie House, Bremerton,WA with Ninety Pound Wuss, The Fibs and Middle-Aged Queers INFO HERE

September 22 at Furnace Fest, Birmingham, AL with MXPX, Hatebreed, Relient K, Anberlin and many more! FURNACE FEST HERE!

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And more…

We made a record!  It's been a wild few years and an amazing journey.  This is our next chapter, Find A Way Home. Pre-orders are live at

Check out the new MxPx song 'Find A Way Home' on youtube and streaming everywhere now!



9/22 - Birmingham, AL @ Furnace Fest

10/21 - Las Vegas, NV @ When We Were Young

10/22 - Las Vegas, NY @ When We Were Young

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