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On the podcast today is Travis Boersma co-founder of Dutch Bros. Coffee, the largest privately owned drive through coffee chain.  He and his brother Dane founded the company in 1992 after government regulations forced their family out of their dairy business in Grants Pass Oregon.



Fixer Upper [1:00]

Under Cover Boss [3:00]

Dutch Bros 92 [10:50]

The Dairy Life [14:00]

Football Pencils [19:30]

Espresso Cart [22:00]

Making Changes [30:00]

Tears and Pain [33:00]

Self awareness [36:00]

Treating people well [44:00]

The modern company [47:00]

Music state of mind [51:30]

Tech and change [56:00]

Rebel energy [1:00:00]

Notable Links Discussed:

Dutch Bros

Tony Robbins

Napoleon Hill


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