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David Bazen, Pedro the Lion, joins the Mike Herrera Hour this week! He takes us way back into the the early days of Pedro the Lion & the Seattle Music Scene in the early 90s.

So call the Priests and Paramedics because you’re not going to know what hit you! Mike and Dave start out reminiscing about the past and move quickly into what it’s like coming from a family of musicians and how it shapes your life. Then the guys discuss the secrets behind writing music and how Dave uses house shows to keep that music alive.

More on David Bazan

Per wiki David Bazan is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Bazan was the lead singer and creative force behind the band Pedro the Lion and was the lead singer of Headphones. In early 2006, he began performing and recording under his own name.

Curse Your Branches (September 1, 2009)
Strange Negotiations (May 24, 2011)
Blanco (May 13, 2016)
Dark Sacred Night (November 11, 2016)
Care (March 7, 2017)




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Mike and Dave the early years [2:00]
A family of musicians [10:00]
Exploit the old ideas [12:00]
David and the movie [16:30]
The house show game is strong [18:00]
Dave has shows and more to come [31:45]
Working but not working [37:00]
Winter is coming [39:00]
Priests and Paramedics [42:30]
The brain diary [46:30]
Strange harmony [51:30]
Dave's new music [58:00]

Notable Links Discussed:
Cormac McCarthy
Jeremy Enigk

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