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Max Collins (Eve 6) and Kenny Carkeet (Awolnation) join to talk about their new band Fitness, views on past projects, stories from the road and more.

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MHH 216 – Fitness (was taken) Max Collins and Kenny Carkeet

This week's guests are Max Collins (Eve 6) and Kenny Carkeet (Awolnation) of Fitness. In this episode Mike, Max, and Kenny talk about how to make it in the every changing music world without the help of the big bad LABEL machine. Oh, also one of them looks just like their dog but you’re going to have to listen to find out who. So grab an ice cold Secret Weapon, and crank up those speakers to 11 so you can share this episode with the neighbors. They’re going to thank you!


Tour and Music 


My tour pet [2:00]
Fitness meets [4:15]
Blow and side bands [9:45]
The fitness goal [12:00]
President of the label [17:00]
Know then what I Know now [20:30]
100 people [25:00]
Not in front of the kids [31:30]
      Making records [34:00]
 Mind bottling [37:00]
Uncle Ed and the ice cuts [40:30]
Creative Effort [44:00]
Listening to the old stuff [46:00]
The new record [49:00]
Foot in the door [53:00]
DIY [57:15]

Notable Links Discussed:
Peter Gabriel   
Eve 6  
Liam Gallaghar's New Tune

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DIY at it's finest!

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This weeks guest is Andy Verdecchio of Five Iron Frenzy. Now make no mistake, Andy is not just a drummer. He’s creative, he has a fulltime job, he has a family, he’s doing the things he loves, he’s playing drums, he’s writing poetry, and now books. You can do that too! Just sit back and listen to Mike and Andy talk about using time and how to dedicate energy to the right places to push forward in life and make things happen.   


Tour and Music
Andy’s Book!


No headphone jack! [3:00]
File sharing and my room [6:15]
Thanksgiving and hurtful words [18:00]
The weekend warriors [21:30]
Andy starts drumming [24:30]
Andy and the high school band [31:00]
From punk to ska [34:00]
Yuri’s not Dave [37:00]
What’s Ska? [41:30]
Down the rabbit hole [46:00]
I’m not just a drummer [50:30]

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Mark McMillon from Hawthorne Heights joins the podcast.

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Freestyle Motor Cross, the esoteric, the occult, and Metal Mulisha with Beau Manley.

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Freestyle Motor Cross, the esoteric, the occult, and Metal Mulisha with Beau Manley.

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