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Jason Hockney Zeimet @thetravelogue and Tom Chicila, @tomisnotangry.

New Mxpx Christmas song!! High's and low's, pop culture, current events, politics, year recap. Exclusive Mxpx premier of new song from upcoming live film, Left Coast Live. Also, special announcement about new Mxpx podcast.

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Mike and his guest David, recap the recent terror attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. David was within a mile of the San Bernardino attack and gives a first hand account of events that day. Mike shares what it was like being in Europe and Paris during and right after the Paris attacks.

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Ryan Holiday, Media Strategist and Author of “Trust Me, I’m Lying”, “The Obstacle is the Way”. Ryan interview's Mike about music, MxPx, and the creative process for his new book, and then they turn the tables and Mike asks Ryan a few questions!

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While on the road to Paris, Mike talks with Dan Palmer (Zebrahead) and the late night crew. Tour stories, Paris, some seriousness, mostly fun!

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Zebrahead and Man With A Mission join Mike for the podcast while on tour together in Europe.

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Matt MacDonald (The Classic Crime) and Matt Carter (Emery band, Bad Christian podcast) join Mike this week! Business, tour, family.

Twitter: @mattmacdonaldis, @OfficialEmery, @xbadchristianx

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Stephan Egerton, Rock Guitar God, Descendents, ALL.

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Cora Wittekind, dog trainer and owner of Prestigious Pooch.

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School of Rock, Blenderhead and Tooth & Nail Records days.

Billy Power Host and friend at Urban Achiever. Producer and editor at Never Was. GM at School of Rock Red Bank. (Blenderhead, Tooth & NailRecords). Twitter: @GetatBillyPower and Instragram: @urbanachieverpc

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Songwriting episode with Jonathan Jones (We Shot the Moon).

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