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Lyndsey, Brian and Alex from PVRIS join Mike while on the road in Seattle. They chat about recording their recent record, what's coming up studio wise, haunted venues, life on the road and much more! Find them online at and on Twitter:

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Member of Bremerton Bands Neutral Boy and The Enemies Of join Mike this week.

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Shane Told, lead singer of Silverstein joins Mike this week. 

Shane Told has a story to tell and he does it well, first with his band Silverstein, but second his solo material River Oaks, or now his recent endeavor into the fray of podcasting with a great show called Lead Singer Syndrome where he talks to… yup, lead singers about the craft, the life, the layers of the people you listen to sing their hearts out. It's a great concept and I'm gonna be on the program soon enough. Stay tuned for that as well. Here's a little bio from his page but the sure way to enlightenment is to listen to this episode.

"What is it like to be one of the most important members of a band? Shane Told, frontman of the critically-acclaimed rock band Silverstein, brings you candid interviews with all of your favorite singers on this podcast. Is it really all sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? Find out for yourself on Lead Singer Syndrome." -


In this episode we know we are being watched and listened to but you'll have to listen to really grasp the creepiness of what we are talking about.

This is also the first episode of the Mike Herrera Hour in collaboration with Jabber Jaw. It's a way to collaborate more on the podcasting end of things. I like what Shane is doing and I'm liking the Break it Down Podcast with Matt Carter. In terms of content, those two shows go with my show pretty well. So we're all in good company. Another easy way to get to the show and other great shows. Click the link below to see my page on Jabber Jaw.

Mike Herrera Hour on Jabber Jaw


Check out Shane's projects:

Lead Singer Syndrome Podcast:

Solo project:


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Drummer Travis Barker joins Mike this week! 

Blink-182 rehearsals, work ethic and passion for music, Travis’ love for hip-hop and his career into that after Blink- 182 and The Transplants broke up. The benefit gig with Goldfinger, Mike and Travis. He also talks about recording with Matt Skiba after Tom Delonge’s exit.  Business, Crossroads Restaurant in LA, family life with his kids, MTV reality show, how surviving a plane crash changed his life perspective, drug abuse, relationships and tons more! 

MHH153- Travis was on his way home from Blink 182 rehearsals when I got a chance to catch up with him on the phone. We talked about a ton of topics. We got into his day to day routines to bigger sweeping life changes and that includes some behind the scenes talk on making the new Blink 182 album with record producer and Goldfinger front man, John Feldmann.

They just released the first single off the album called, Bored to Death. It sounds really good and I love how open the verses are. Just go to to check it out.

If the photos below confuse you and you are wondering what this band is with Travis, Feldy, Frank (Feeble) and yours truly is. It was called Travis Barker and the Res-Erections (hehe). A one off cover band throwing down with some 80's and 90's music. A loose set of fun cover songs punked up and a few Goldfinger jams too. We got together for a benefit show to raise funds for the school that Travis' kids attend. It was a really fun night and rad times were had by all. The audience saw something pretty insane that night! And yes, sometimes you just get a phone call from a friend asking for a favor and you find yourself on a non-stop flight to Los Angeles to lay down some low end. I love this life and not really knowing what's gonna happen all the time is part of what makes it so exciting. Scary too but if you aren't a little afraid of the possibilities then maybe you aren't reaching outside your comfort zone enough.

Mike and Travis will talk why cruise ships are better than airplanes, killer remixes, and the new Blink-182 record. Forget Meet the Barkers you’re about to see a whole new side of Travis as he reveals the pleasures and the pain that shaped him into a music icon. Did we mention tune-in? Tune-in and tell your friends!

Find him on Twitter: @travisbarker and @blink182.

Blink-182 rehearsals, work ethic and passion for music, Travis’ love for hip-hop and his career into that after Blink- 182 and The Transplants broke up. The benefit gig with Goldfinger, Mike and Travis. He also talks about recording with Matt Skiba after Tom Delonge’s exit.  Business, Crossroads Restaurant in LA, family life with his kids, MTV reality show, how surviving a plane crash changed his life perspective, drug abuse, relationships and tons more!

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Travis Landon Barker (born November 14, 1975) is an American musician and producer, and the drummer for the American rock bandBlink-182. Barker has also performed as a frequent collaborator with hip-hop artists, and with the alternative rock band +44, the rap rock group the Transplants, and the alternative rock band Box Car Racer. He was a frequent collaborator with the late DJ AM, and together they formed TRV$DJAM.
After the split of his first band, Feeble, Barker began playing for the Aquabats in 1996 as the Baron Von Tito. He recorded one album with them, The Fury of The Aquabats!, in 1997. His career took off when he joined up with Blink-182 in 1998. Barker has since established himself as a versatile drummer, producing and making guest appearances in music projects of numerous music genres including hip hop, alternative rock, pop and country. He has gained significant acceptance within the hip-hop community in particular and often collaborates with artists to compose rock-tinged remixes to their songs. Barker collaborated with artists (including Game, Yelawolf, Tom Morello, Corey Taylor, Slaughterhouse, Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, RZA, Slash, and other musicians) for his solo debut album,Give the Drummer Some, which was released on March 15, 2011.
In 2011, he worked with Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi in Aoki's hit single Cudi the Kid, as part of his album Wonderland, with Barker as lead drummer.
Aside from drumming, he founded the clothing company Famous Stars and Straps in 1999 and LaSalle Records in 2004. Companies such as DC Shoes and Zildjian cymbals have co-designed products in his name. Rolling Stone referred to him as "punk's first superstar drummer." - Source: Wikipedia

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Mike talks with Ben Weasel this week! They talk about touring, his public persona, modern day music industry/society, songwriting, The Catholic Church, Outcasts, and a lot more! 

I grew up in the days where you got a cassette with an album on it. Dubbed from a dub. I didn't know what bands looked like or how many Twitter followers they had. My only evidence or context of the band was based off listening intensely to the music. My imagination ran wild with larger than life images of what the band was. But they were larger than life to me. For example. I thought the band ALL was this huge rock band just from listening to Allroy's Revenge on a dubbed cassette over and over. Even when I saw them play on a school night in 91' at the OK Hotel I still hadno idea what the band looked like. This was no different for how I discovered Screeching Weasel. My brain hurts to think back that far but I almost always think of my days ditch digging and doing manual labor and maintanance for rental apartments and duplexes. It was my buddy Rich and myself in a his truch blasting Boogada Boogada Boogada from one job to the next. Punk rock was the soundtrack to my life. Work, play, rain or shine. Screeching Weasel was there for me. Thanks for doing the podcast Ben. Take a listen and learn a few things about Ben Weasel. I didn't know what he looked like till I met him in person last year when MXPX played our first show with them in Portland, OR.

Ben Weasel (born Benjamin Foster) is a punk rock musician, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of bands Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales.

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Mike talks with Louis Defabrizio (Gasonline Heart) about his recent experience voting for Bernie Sanders in New York City and then Michelle Ray joins to give a more conservative point of view.


If you care about how policies and legislation effects you, this episode is for you! Actually, scratch that. This episode is for everybody. We Americans live in a deeply divided country where it seems like there's no real path to solving our biggest problems. I don't know all the talking points and all the right things to say but I do get passionate about some issues in this episode of the Mike Herrera Hour.

I'm joined by Gasoline Heart's Louis DeFabrizio (@GasolineHeart) from the back of his Brooklyn where he found a spot to hide from his wife and twin baby boys for some eye witness accounting of the NY Democratic Primary Voting Day. This alone is worth tuning in but that's not all!!

In the second segment we get serious about socialism and capitalism with Conservative Radio Personality Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl)

It's a great episode you won't want to miss. Please send me a review and look at the bottom link if you wanna support the show while shopping on Amazon. Them drones will be your friend. As long as they keep dropping sweet consumer products!

TOPICS: Politics, U.S. Politics, Elections, Primaries, Voter Fraud, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Originalists, Voting, Party Politics, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Gary Johnson, Taxes, Hot Button Issues.

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Mike takes Skype calls from friends and fans and talks to Jason Call from Daphne Loves Derby about how they got 5 million downloads.


MHH 150

How an unsigned band got 5 Million downloads while the music business was breaking and more stories from you, my friends and listeners. My main guest is Jason Call of the band Daphne Loves Derby and now Mariner. We talk about his band's space rocket to success by gaining more than 5 million downloads for just 1 song through sites like PureVolume and MySpace and how that led to a record deal, world tours. How did it happen? How did they do it? Did they hack the system or were they just the first to do it?

Special Note: This episode I'm taking your calls on skype. It was a very last minute decision to do a podcast solely based on who I could talk to via skype at that very second. Thanks to Louis DeFabrizio, Nate Allen, Thiago Messias for the chat and everyone else that I didn't get to actually talk to on the podcast. I'll do this again and it will continue to improve.

I also announce the winners of the something free from the Merch Arsenal drawing. Yes.. I do that.

TOPICS: Taxes, Small Business, Music Business, Digital Marketing, Career Arch, Life Choices.  Social Marketing - Reactions, Responses, Analytics, Statistics. Predictive Analytics

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Beebs @BeebsMoney is back on the show and we get to hear her brand new solo song, Ride Around the Sun. Amidst our talk on music, business and more she let us in on a very personal subject on her health and life.  Living in pain from Polymyalgia/Fibromyalgia. I was blown away. Had no idea. Learn about it in this episode. We also cover a few other very interesting topics including:
Routines, Float Tanks, Meditation for people who don't meditate, Music Business, Cannabinoids/CBD/Medicinal Cannabis, iOS update fail - Night Shift, Twitter Freeze Out, Tron Bikes/NASA/SpaceX

Visit her band site for more fun - BEEBS WEBSITE:

Beebs and Her Money Makers were discovered by legendary promoter Kevin Lyman and asked to join the Vans Warped Tour 2013. As they performed all 50+ days of the summer, Beebs and Her Money Makers were filmed for the 2nd Season of Warped Roadies on the FUSE Network.

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Kellen Prouse joins the podcast to talk about his life with MS and more: learning online, investing/trading, Food and Health, Living fulling with a disability, medical marijuana, politics and public speaking.

Find Kellen online: Twitter @Prouska, and his blog:

I met Kellen a while back and we had talked about getting together to chat about his lifestyle since being diagnosed with the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. After over a year since that first meet up with Kellen, I finally got him on the podcast. We had a conversation centered around MS and lifestyle change. I get crazy a few times on a few topics but I think there is some good little nuggets in here.. so thanks for listening and thanks to Kellen for being so open and honest about the real and everyday struggles he faces and will face for the rest of his life.

Living with a disability - Kellen Prouse @Prouska MHH 148 March is MS Awareness Month (Multiple Sclerosis)

Diagnosed with MS in 2010, things went downhill quickly.  A short six months after diagnosis Kellen couldn’t walk, see or feel much of anything.  


Kellen's interests and topics in this podcast

  • Food and Health
  • Adventuring
  • Stock Market / Trading
  • Investing
  • Disability (M.S.)
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Living life to the fullest


MS Society

FREE MUSIC CONTEST- After the weekend I will pick 1 lucky winner from my email list. PRIZE-That person will get to choose 1 of any piece of music off of the MXPX Merch Arsenal.

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Social Media Conference, Public Speaking, Marketing, Networking, DIY Entrepreneurship, and more with Wesley Hoffman and Corey Smale. Find them on Twitter: The Strangehouse, @thestrangehouse, Wesley Hoffman, @wesleyhoffman, Corey Smale, @coreysmale. 

MHH147 -  Wesley Hoffman. Corey Smale. Today’s show is brought to you by Casper.

Meet the guys behind #STRANGEHOUSEWORKSHOP and @thestrangehouse Podcast. A new kind of marketing conference. Food and brew included. They hired me to speak about my longevity and how I learned to connect with my audience above all else. And that led me down the social media path pretty early on. We started our website on March 19, 1996.

In this episode we talk mainly about the event and the business atmosphere in St. Louis. March 11. We also cover the actual planning and workflow that was done to prepare for the event. We get a little granular at times but ultimately we bare out some gems. I'm hoping you agree. We get inside a few deep layers here. I really hope you can get something good out of this talk. I did. I'm always learning new ways to live and think. As I travel I'm always meeting new and interesting people. St. Louis was no exception. Listen and enjoy a look inside the stories that make up our lives. And please send in your comments in the section below or wherever you see me on social media.

TOPICS- Delayed flight. City Museum. Food. Drinks. Social media. Songs. I always change my set. So I do things I don't plan. And don't do things I do plan. It's like joy/pain. Bitter/sweet. 

MORE TOPICS- Morning routines. weekly habits. Mentioned docs & TV- Viceland- Fuck that's Delicious, Bompton with Kendrick Lemar. Recent Books.

Are you an entrepreneur or Freelancer?  I'm a dichotomy. I'm both. But something like a business type can't really define you. We are always making micro adjustments in our lives and in our world view. Business is the perfect example because it never stops changing and common sense is common of reason.

A big turning point and catalyst for change in my life was inevitable. But specifically for me it was continued self-learning. Books. Then The Internet. Podcasts. YouTube. Documentaries. Live Performance. I study humans. And writing.

Questions. Is exercise important to being happy? What does it do for you? If not, why don't you need it?

2 Pac. Hit me up. Bad boy killas. I work out to shit like that. I get serious about it. But I also think a lot. Solve problems. Ideas just hit me. Hit me up. I'm always writing down lines and ideas between sets. On my phone usually. I look like a teenager glued to my phone. But I'm writing it down cause every time I don't, I forget.  I also work out to songs like, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Try not getting a burst of energy with that kick drum pumping and Freddy giving so much of himself. SO music can definitely move you. However, we don't talk about Queen in this episode. Get after it!

FREE MUSIC CONTEST- After the weekend I will pick 1 lucky winner from my email list. PRIZE-That person will get to choose 1 of any piece of music off of the MXPX Merch Arsenal.


If you signed up anytime you are automatically entered. Thank you.


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This episode is sponsored by Casper. Thank you for supporting the show.

My Site

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