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Focused on social media. Tech.  Future. TV shows. Movies. Traveling. Russia. London. Acting. Comedy. Nurse Jackie. Realities of getting into acting career. Acting class. Reality TV.

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Journalist and Author, David Seaman is back on the podcast. Bitcion, eBooks, New Media,,, Epitaph Party, Drug War, Drones.

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Journalist, Blogger and Radio Host, Michelle Ray joins the Mike Herrera Hour this week.

Follow Michelle on Twitter: @GaltsGirl

Drones, Bacon, NSA, NDAA, CIA, Drug War, Drug Jobs, War on Journalism, Bitcoin, Paul Walker, Twitter,  Music, Mike’s Stage Injury, Twitter, New Media, Social Media…

Overtime: Bitcoin, Tea Party, Fed Reserve, War, Crypto Currency.

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Tom Wisniewski, guitar player in Mxpx.

Thanksgiving Wrap, Black Friday, Amazon Drone Delivery, The Walking Dead - Zombies, Seahawks, The Walking Dead - Zombies, Tour Life, South American Touring, Australia Warped Tour, Addiction, Cigars, Vegas, history.

Overtime: Piss Beer Bongs, Mxpx Tours, Ever Passing Moment, Studio, Producers: Steve Kravac, Jerry Finn, Meaning of life.

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