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#269 Bernie Leos - Tumbledown Touring Mexico

Lead singer of Mexican Ska Punk band Los Kung Fu Monkeys, music business man and good friend of mine  joins the podcast to talk about our days on tour together in Mexico. Bernie used to book the tours and was our tour manager on a one very ill fated tour. But the memories are pure gold and I still love Mexico. I can't wait to go back. 

Of note. Bernie translated and actually rewrote the lyrics for my song "Great Big World" into Spanish. Instead of some of the great American Cities that Tumbledown played in, we did a Mexican version of all the great cities of Mexico. Hope you enjoy it if you listen. It's gotta be kind of amusing to hear me sing en Español. ;)

You can hear the track anywhere you stream music. Search Tumbledown Great Big World Spanish. 

Don't miss this and in case you missed the last podcast with #268 Harley Trotland (Drummer) #267 with Jack Parker, go listen to those too.They go right along with this.

Tumbledown memories from our touring days. 


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Five Iron Frenzy's Reese Roper and Leanor Orega Till join the podcast.

This week’s guest is Reese Roper and Leanor Orega Till of Five Iron Frenzy. You may be in a group called I hate Five Iron Frenzy but the truth is you don’t. From long arms to Fireball this episode rotates through pre show warm ups, politics, live shows, and even some bad jokes so get ready for an hour of good friends and good stories.  

Reese and Leanor online:
Leanor's Facebook
Reese Roper is not my real friend



It stinks so good [7:15]
Fireball [11:00]
Reese starts to sing [15:00]
Breaking stuff at shows [17:30]
Words and propaganda [21:20]
Live shows [25:00]
Cornerstone [28:00]
The controversy [32:15]
Music hierarchy [35:00]
Leprosy barrier [37:00]
Music becomes family [40:00]
The voice takes you there [42:30]
Bad jokes [46:00]
Mini tour [47:30]
New album and politics [51:00]

Notable Links Discussed:

Me Without You
Simple Plan     
The fast feeling

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Seb Lefebvre from Simple Plan joins the podcast.

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This weeks guest is Seb Lefebvre of Simple Plan. From the janitors closet to a stage surrounded by thousands, Seb has had a life time of stories to share with world and maybe next time he will, but this time Mike and Seb talk about guitars that don’t exist, learning English to get laid, old movies, books, technology that listens to everything you say, and also a creeper in the park.

Seb Online:


Seb the janitor [6:30]
Reset [8:10]
A Simple Plan begins [12:00]
Chuck the manager [15:00]
Bass and family [17:00]
Compact guitars [19:00]
Seb in the morning [20:30]
Music and family [26:30]
Learning English [29:30]
Movies and books [31:00]
The tech listens [35:00]
Creeper in the park [39:00]
Podcasting [41:30]
Supporting a brother [51:00]
Producing and writing [57:00]

Notable Links Discussed:
Man of the hour podcast 
Simple Plan    
Ernie Ball

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Colin Scummy Morrison joins the podcast this week! 

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Sherri Dupree Bemis on the new Eisley recording, being a mom, staying optimistic and keeping it real. 

@SDupreeBemis on all Socials. @Eisley

Sponsored by


Sherri sings in @Eisley, Lives in a pink house in TX but travels often. Her days are spent loving her family and drinking gross amounts of coffee. Twit/Snap :sdupreebemis

Music, Family and a whole life of whimsical delights in this episode. MHH162

The 411 on the new Eisley studio album produced by Will Yip
The past and future of the band
Home and family life in East Texas
Social Media
Mentors growing up
Strengths and Weaknesses
Recording process
Eisley Home Studio


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Songs, image, collaboration and Austria's own Arnold. 
@Marcus_Smaller joins Mike this week.

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Stephan Egerton, Rock Guitar God, Descendents, ALL.

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School of Rock, Blenderhead and Tooth & Nail Records days.

Billy Power Host and friend at Urban Achiever. Producer and editor at Never Was. GM at School of Rock Red Bank. (Blenderhead, Tooth & NailRecords). Twitter: @GetatBillyPower and Instragram: @urbanachieverpc

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Musician Jack Parker joins Mike this week! Engineer, Bradly Miranda also joins and they check in with Greg Bennett! Major injuries, recovery, tour, good times. @jackwparker@BradlyGMiranda@GregWBennett

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From the horses mouth: Ryan's response. NSA, Government, Paradigm, Conspiracy, Sandy Hook, JFK, Joe Rogan, Tommy Ramone, The Cootees, Warped Tour, Ohio.
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From on a ferry in Europe… Russia, Greg's accident, travel, surveillance, positive outlook.

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Ben Hilzinger is back on the podcast this week! Follow him on Twitter: @benhilzinger

Violent Femmes, House of Cards, Lifetime Airline Pass, Producing/Engineering, Movies: Grand Budapest Hotel, Catching Fire. Overtime: Star Wars Outrage, Placebo effect, Law of Attraction.

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Recording, Sleeping with Sirens, parenthood, touring, drinking, tattoos, Monkey Trench Reality TV show, Russia/Ukraine… OT: North Korea, Stand By Me, Studio fever, Dogs.

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This week my guest Ryan Seaman (@ryanseaman) and mutual friend Ryan “Deeds” Detron3000 stop by the Trench for a nice long discussion about music, traveling, tour stories, social media, politics, warped tour, Falling in Reverse, Mxpx, world politics, war, and so much more!

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Contest winners are announced!

Public speaking,music, self help, BS of Reality TV,  Ink Masters, Frank McManus the Tattooer, Oliver Peck,  life stories, religion, guilt, cable tv vs streaming content online.

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Andrew Anderson @andrewamusic is back for another hardcore politics episode!

Politics, Media, Corruption, Tech, Racism, Zimmerman Trial, Royal Baby BS, Parenting, US Constitution, Music, Florida Man Tweets, Glenn Greenwald, River Rafting, Creativity, is Software Designing our Future? Gun Laws, Drug Laws, Obama, Drone Program, Prism, NSA, TSA, Flag Theory, Secret FISA Courts, Dirty Politicians, Anthony Wiener, WikiLeaks, Double Tap Tactics, Final Cut (movie).

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