The Mike Herrera Podcast

Christmas traditions, Year in Review: 2014 albums and movies, Juicy J, Tooth & Nail Documentary, Quitting Facebook, Internet Advertising, podcasts.

Overtime: Media, Personal High/Lows for the year.

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Legionnaire, Pomplamoose, The Creative Class, Punk Politics, Anti-Flag, Answering your questions.

Overtime: Mxpx plans, more questions, social media, Traveling, happiness.

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Hawk Nelson, Legionnaire, Digital age, NSA, Privacy, Hacking, Insider Trading, Car sales, Cosby...

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Shows, playing acoustic, punk scene, New Found Glory, Anberlin Tour, snow, music, Ferguson, politics, the government, partycast.

Overtime: Political parties, getting pulled over.

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On the road with Jake Langley!

Tour, snow, comedy, social media, society, superstition…
Overtime: TV, Howard Stern, Celebrities

Let Mike know how you listen to the podcast: @mikeherreraTD

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Storytelling with Tommy Rat (MxPx Tour Manager) and Yuri. Artist Adara joins on overtime.

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 Matt, Brian and Kyle. New Jersey, JFK, Privacy, Social Triggers, Band Politics

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Louis Debabrizio is back to make you laugh! The future, GPS dots, toxic toothpaste, marriage, family, songwriting.

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Punk Professor. Ph.D student studying theology and philosophy at Drew University, and an adjunct theology professor at Xavier University

This week's episode is a philosophical conversation about growing up in church, the influence of punk rock, being a "Teenage Anarchist", and questioning everything.

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Ed, Ali, Dan. Tour Recap, Bus Crash, Stage Show, Fit Bit, Drug Smuggling, Team America, United Airlines, Goldfinger

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Survay Says! band from New Jersey join the podcast from the road this week!

The Voice, Touring, Music, Why?, War, Ebola, NFL

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Bryan Nelson, Bass player for The Ataris. Travel, John Moreland, Willie Nelson, Los Angeles, Race Debate, Police State, Media Monster, Dracula

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iPhone fail, Born into TV Business, Christian scene, Punk community, High School, Family, Pro-Gay stance, politics, Police brutality, Honesty, Mars Hill - Mark Driscoll, Hell, This is Radio Cast. Overtime: Mike's nostalgic writing, suffering, Love, God chemical, Larry King.

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Billy Kottage from Reel Big Fish joins Mike. Apple Watch, iPhone6, Police stories, U2, Spam, Music Business, Politics

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Mike's friend Ollie (Hustle Roses) joins the podcast! Haunted LA, Joan Rivers, Death, Depression, Bullies, Touring, MTV Music Awards, TV, Big Brother, Money, Consumption, Wills. OT: Trying not to die.

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The Fappening, Cloud hacking, Shadow government, Neighbor's complaints, technology, Facebook messenger,

OT: Ferguson, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Facebook/Twitter posting

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Dan & Dave. Music, House of Cards, Politics, Movies, Chicago, Parent Trap, Finding new music, Spotify, Jered Scott, NSA, Edward Snowden, EP's vs LP's. OT: Cannabis Prohibition

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Warped Edition with Acoustic Basement Boys: Brian Marquis, PJ Bond, Nick Santino

Van tours, Solo artists, Soul Crushing gigs, Acoustic Basement stage, getting stuck by lightning, happiness, Google Smart Contacts, NSA, Data Mining, Amazon Drones, Curious Google Searches

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Warped Edition with The Story So Far, Saves the Day: Chris Conley, Parker, Kevin, Kellin, John. Warped Tour, Mushrooms, Fire, Cliff Jumping, Death Tubing, Breaking the 4th wall.

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Warped Edition with Teenage Bottlerocket! Wyoming Punk, Dick Cheney, Tommy Ramone, Landlines, Facetime, CBGB's, Andy Williams - Every Time I Die

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Nick and Mike from Heart to Heart. Warped Edition: Long haul driving, drivers, iPods, Stand up comedy, Kevin Hart, Aziz, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Stories, Beards, Pro Wrestling.

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From the horses mouth: Ryan's response. NSA, Government, Paradigm, Conspiracy, Sandy Hook, JFK, Joe Rogan, Tommy Ramone, The Cootees, Warped Tour, Ohio.
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Paul, Jeremy, and Michelle (Beebs).

Warped Tour, Fuse: Warped Roadies Show, Funky Hot Dog Music, Merch, Jersey Shore, Teleportation, Female vocalists, Pop music, Buying experiences/concerts. Overtime: John Lennon bus, movies, Port-A-Potty deaths….

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Warped Tour, Free internet, 3D Printing, getting older, Recording, Record Label parties, music videos, Fat Wreck Chords.

Overtime: Buildings Tumble recorded live at Warped Tour.

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Tim, Kyle, and Scott from Allister join Mike. Chicago, Creepy Venues, Ghosts, Orlando, Japan, Travel, Recording, Weezer, Scott & Rivers, Ripping off songs, Chicago bands. OT: China, car accidents.

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Pop-punk, As I Lay Dying, CrossFit, Spotify, Government, Alabama, Musician friendly jobs, chemistry, Big Corporations, Oil Spills, Crypto-Currency, Bonnaroo hate, Dave Matthews Band. Overtime: Green Day, Tour.

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Sound engineer and musician, Andy Alonso and Mike chill after the show… Orlando, FL. ‪@Audio_andy‬

Sound/Audio, technology, early computer games, tour, Mike’s bad jokes, San Antonio, Mxpx, food on the road… OT: Kanye, people in power, government and corporations, NSA, 1984, weed laws.

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Special episode with clips from previous shows! Navy Seal strategies with Poncho & Lefty, aliens with Matt Skiba, music & life with Kris Roe and Seattle DJ, Marco Collins recalls the early punk days and shares Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobin stories.

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Bremerton, band life, current events, shootings, advertising, Friday the 13th, 13 tats tradition, Social Media, Vine, Star Wars, selfie. OT: Life's snooze button, Scary movies, Drunk, Spaceballs.

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Mxpx tour, Kumare, parenting, teen stabbing, school shootings, religion, Justin Beiber, Hollywood, Best Life, YouTube, Your Questions, Star Wars, Tom & Yuri, PxPx Fan Club, Monkey Trench Studios.

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Kris, Phil, Adrian, Joe and Manny join Mike. Bremerton, trolls and internet rants, Ernie Ball, Old vs. New music.

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Musician Jack Parker is the guest this week. His solo EP, Homegrown, is out now! Check it out on Jack’s Bandcamp page

Some things talked about: Measles Vaccine Cancer Cure, Drugs, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Sting, The Police, Vinyl Collecting, Tumbledown Live, DIY Touring Advice, Q&A.

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From on a ferry in Europe… Russia, Greg's accident, travel, surveillance, positive outlook.

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Bryan Nelson from The Ataris. From on the road in Germany... Tour diet, wrestling, fans abroad, traveling, Netflix binge watching, The Matrix, drugs, krokodil, Navy Seals, Internet Trolls, change…

Follow Bryan on Twitter: @AmericanBryan and @TheAtaris

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Ben Hilzinger is back on the podcast this week! Follow him on Twitter: @benhilzinger

Violent Femmes, House of Cards, Lifetime Airline Pass, Producing/Engineering, Movies: Grand Budapest Hotel, Catching Fire. Overtime: Star Wars Outrage, Placebo effect, Law of Attraction.

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Amber Pacific is recording at Monkey Trench Studios this week… Dango and Mike took a break to record a podcast!

Find Dango on Twitter: @DangoEmpire and follow Amber Pacific: @AMBERPACIFIC.

Drumming, Tour, Nashville, Crowd Funding, Recording.

Overtime: Will Nutter and Matt Young join.

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@ryanseaman @duffs_knives @detron3000

Partycast with Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse) and his buddies Deeds and Duffs!

App Development - Pinyata, House of Cards, Super Bowl Rings, Business plans, Startups, Brazil and South America travel, Marketing, Recording, Producing, Corruption.

Overtime: Mxpx, Warped Tour, WuTang Selling 1 CD

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Filmmaker Adam Scorgie joins Mike this week.
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, The Culture High.

Marijuana, Prohibition, Addiction's Underlying Issue, Diet, Health, Fame, Pursuit of happiness, Industry life, filmmaking, podcasting, Media monopolies.

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Zach Blair from Rise Against joins Mike from the road this week. Follow Rise Against on Twitter: @riseagainst

Hagfish, GWAR, Music, Marathon talking, Cable, Ft. Hood Shooting, Iraqi Veterans Against War... Overtime: SeaWorld/Blackfish, Internet, Activism, Tribute Shows - Black Flag, Descendents

Thanks for listening! Join the conversation: #mhh @mikeherreraTD

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Recording, Sleeping with Sirens, parenthood, touring, drinking, tattoos, Monkey Trench Reality TV show, Russia/Ukraine… OT: North Korea, Stand By Me, Studio fever, Dogs.

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Podcast host, Jen Briney joins Mike at Monkey Trench Studio this week!

Check out her podcast Congressional Dish, and find her on Twitter: @JenBriney

Jen brings her political knowledge to the podcast and shares some insights and ideas about NSA Spying, Diane Feinstein, Ukraine/Russia, Money in politics, Seattle and more!!

Overtime: Scandal, House of Cards, Washington/Colorado weed laws, podcasting and more!!

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@JodyEllenLove, @BenHilzinger, and @andybrunobass. Seattle, Dave Grohl, superstition, SXSW, 3D Printing, Robert Lang, Jared Leto, Business ideas… OT: Amazon Locker, Monkey Trench Ghost.

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Podcast host, Robert Garza joins Mike this week. Podcasting, Twitter, music, money, Russia and the Ukraine, Sinkholes, The unseen, 9/11, Information age, Wikipedia… Overtime: News, tech, rants, life.

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The band Francis swings by Monkey Trench for the podcast this week. Zack, Jake, Doyle, Tyler, AJ. Francis Does America, DIY tour, What Would You Do? show, fight stories, NSA, Tech, Medicine, Drug Lords, Music business.

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Musician, Jose Garzon is the guest this week! Europe Tour Dates, Amazon, Drone Delivery, Apple, Corporate Greed, Police, The Herrera's new puppy, Hawaii, Snow Storms. Overtime: Dumb Starbucks, Listener Questions, Apple: Steve Jobs, Bar Rescue, Money, Hi Lo's…

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Mike Moen from the band Neutral Boy is this week's guest. Touring, band changes, writing process, boat squatting, punk rock, Mxpx tour recap.

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Tom Wisniewski joins Mike from Japan to talk about the Seahawks Superbowl win! Aso, the Olympics, Travel, Music…

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High-Lows Part 2! Jason Hockney Zeimet returns to the podcast and he and Mike go through Mike's music archive: Mxpx, The Cootees, Arthur and Tumbledown. Facts, high and low points, artwork...

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Continuing the conversation from last week, Tom Chichila is on the podcast again!

Work process, booking bands, politics, NSA, privacy, Propaganda...

Overtime: The Cootees, playing with Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Lady GaGa, meeting famous people (SNL After Party), money, happiness.

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Booking agent Tom Chichila returns to the podcast this week!

Some topics: New Best Life video w/Goldfinger, Show stats: ticket counts, human behavior, New Orleans, Internet trolls, songwriting process, inspiration, guest lists, Mike's Solo Record and Collections album, Best flight times, creative process….

**Overtime from this episode turned into another full episode which will air next week!

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Daniel G. Harmann from The Trouble Starts joins Mike this week. Find hiim on Twitter: @HelloTower

Visit the brand new and be sure to check for upcoming shows in your area!

Topics discussed on this week's podcast: Show do's and don'ts, life questions, music, favorite producers, money, The Internet, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Seahawks and more!

Overtime: History, Religion, Israel, Heaven and Hell, Fear, Pagans, Craft beer…

Featured music on outro: The Doors Lock from the Inside - The Trouble Starts

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Photographer/Videographer Jered Scott., Africa adventure, These Numbers Have Faces, Photography, Film, Nelson Mandela, Humanitarian efforts, Loveline, Japan, Death…

Overtime: Documentaries, Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

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