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Mxpx Booking Agent/Manager Tom Chichila joins Mike to talk about ticket scalpers and how to fight them!

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Bass player, Derik Envy joins Mike this week. Former- Unwritten Law, Current- True Rivals, The Briggs, Teenage Time Killers.

How to learn songs. Tattoos. Playing together on tour. Crazy America politics. What if trump wins?

I love it when something just clicks. You've been struggling with a new skill for months and it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But then all the sudden you go back to task or part that you previously struggled with and with no practice on the part between now and that last time you struggled with it over a month ago, you nail it with not much effort and it just clicks.

That click takes time, practice, research and the desire to be taken seriously.

Derik Envy is an American bass player and multi instrumentalist. Formerly of many bands including bass duties for San Diego's finest, Unwritten Law. That's where I first met Derik, we toured together. We get into that a little bit here. Currently playing in True RIvals, The Briggs and Teenage Time Killers. He's got a great work ethic and brings that to the stage. I love watching him up there jumping around and swinging his bass lines all over the stage. And check out his tattoos. He's a monster at this point and almost fully covered head to toe in tattoos. His head would make most mamas cry. It's bad ass. Check him out on Instagram @DerikEnvy or Twitter @DerikNV

In my conversation with Derik we talk about his learning process. Some of the skills it takes to be a professional bass player. The workflow for learning a lot of material in a short amount of time. If you play an instrument you'll wanna sit in on this conversation. We do veer off into some other topics but it's mainly a winding path from the hills of Montana to the concrete streets of Los Angeles, CA and all the crazy places between and beyond. Here's a video of True Rivals backing me up on my version of Rancid's Olympia, Wa.

Mastering the Bass with Derik Envy.

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Yuri and Mike talk while on the road. Current events, podcasts, music industry changes, MxPx shows and lots of good stories! Tour dates and updates as well. Follow Yuri on Instagram @YuriZaneRuley or Twitter @YuriZane

Forgive the road noise and poor quality audio. Sometimes it's better to record with what you have rather than wait for a moment you will never duplicate. I'm glad I recorded this conversation. No prep, no notes, just an early morning ride to the SeaTac airport to play some rock shows. To do work.

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Brewmaster and original MxPx guitarist, Andy Husted, joins Mike this week!

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