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MHH 174 - Matty Mullins

This week’s guest is Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire.
In this episode we revisit that old phrase “location, location, location”. Mike, Matty, and Jake discuss Matty’s life growing up in the small town of Spokane and the musical experience that eventually took him across the country to become the rockin’ entrepreneur he is today.      

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Background, Context & Reference:
•    MxPx Shows! [0:30]
•    Here’s Matty [7:15]
•    Matty has Spokane [10:45]
•    Matty moves to Dallas [14:30]
•    Find your path [15:50]
•    It’s Better than soda [19:30]
•    On Point [21:20]
•    Matty’s choice [33:00]
•    Music marketing [34:45]
•    MMF New Record! [39:00]
•    Matty meets Jacoby [43:45]
•    Seasons of life [46:00]
•    Remember the good times [49:00]
•    Hungry for music [53:45]

Notable People Discussed:

•    On Point Pomade
•    Memphis May Fire
•    Rise Records
•    Beechers

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Leanor Ortega from Five Iron Frenzy joins the podcast this week! 

Local musician and World traveler, James Hunnicutt joins the podcast. Business, music, goals, travel, Dakota pipeline.

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Raw real and soul searching episode with @KeatonPierce of @TooCloseToTouch.

Soccer talk, music, starting a band, getting a record deal, Epitaph Records...

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