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Recording, Sleeping with Sirens, parenthood, touring, drinking, tattoos, Monkey Trench Reality TV show, Russia/Ukraine… OT: North Korea, Stand By Me, Studio fever, Dogs.

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Podcast host, Jen Briney joins Mike at Monkey Trench Studio this week!

Check out her podcast Congressional Dish, and find her on Twitter: @JenBriney

Jen brings her political knowledge to the podcast and shares some insights and ideas about NSA Spying, Diane Feinstein, Ukraine/Russia, Money in politics, Seattle and more!!

Overtime: Scandal, House of Cards, Washington/Colorado weed laws, podcasting and more!!

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@JodyEllenLove, @BenHilzinger, and @andybrunobass. Seattle, Dave Grohl, superstition, SXSW, 3D Printing, Robert Lang, Jared Leto, Business ideas… OT: Amazon Locker, Monkey Trench Ghost.

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Podcast host, Robert Garza joins Mike this week. Podcasting, Twitter, music, money, Russia and the Ukraine, Sinkholes, The unseen, 9/11, Information age, Wikipedia… Overtime: News, tech, rants, life.

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The band Francis swings by Monkey Trench for the podcast this week. Zack, Jake, Doyle, Tyler, AJ. Francis Does America, DIY tour, What Would You Do? show, fight stories, NSA, Tech, Medicine, Drug Lords, Music business.

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