The Mike Herrera Podcast

#245 the Mike Herrera Podcast with

Tattooer JOHNNY SMITH ART and JOE MOXLEY for everything!

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MHP 244 Pro Athlete BMX Rider and Actor Rick Thorne

Musician, VJay, Announcer

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Punk Rock Karaoke - A conversation backstage in Seattle, Washington with Stan Lee, Steve Soto, Greg Hetson and Darrin Pfeiffer. for MXPX tickets in JULY!!! 

New Album out in JULY!!!!


We talk:




Punk Rock Karaoke

Mike Herrera Podcast #242

Brandon Saller of Atreyu and Hell or Highwater and Phil Moon from Greek Fire and Goldfinger join me on the podcast as we barrel down the highway in the United Kingdom. 

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