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Mike talks with Ben Weasel this week! They talk about touring, his public persona, modern day music industry/society, songwriting, The Catholic Church, Outcasts, and a lot more! 

I grew up in the days where you got a cassette with an album on it. Dubbed from a dub. I didn't know what bands looked like or how many Twitter followers they had. My only evidence or context of the band was based off listening intensely to the music. My imagination ran wild with larger than life images of what the band was. But they were larger than life to me. For example. I thought the band ALL was this huge rock band just from listening to Allroy's Revenge on a dubbed cassette over and over. Even when I saw them play on a school night in 91' at the OK Hotel I still hadno idea what the band looked like. This was no different for how I discovered Screeching Weasel. My brain hurts to think back that far but I almost always think of my days ditch digging and doing manual labor and maintanance for rental apartments and duplexes. It was my buddy Rich and myself in a his truch blasting Boogada Boogada Boogada from one job to the next. Punk rock was the soundtrack to my life. Work, play, rain or shine. Screeching Weasel was there for me. Thanks for doing the podcast Ben. Take a listen and learn a few things about Ben Weasel. I didn't know what he looked like till I met him in person last year when MXPX played our first show with them in Portland, OR.

Ben Weasel (born Benjamin Foster) is a punk rock musician, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of bands Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales.

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Mike talks with Louis Defabrizio (Gasonline Heart) about his recent experience voting for Bernie Sanders in New York City and then Michelle Ray joins to give a more conservative point of view.


If you care about how policies and legislation effects you, this episode is for you! Actually, scratch that. This episode is for everybody. We Americans live in a deeply divided country where it seems like there's no real path to solving our biggest problems. I don't know all the talking points and all the right things to say but I do get passionate about some issues in this episode of the Mike Herrera Hour.

I'm joined by Gasoline Heart's Louis DeFabrizio (@GasolineHeart) from the back of his Brooklyn where he found a spot to hide from his wife and twin baby boys for some eye witness accounting of the NY Democratic Primary Voting Day. This alone is worth tuning in but that's not all!!

In the second segment we get serious about socialism and capitalism with Conservative Radio Personality Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl)

It's a great episode you won't want to miss. Please send me a review and look at the bottom link if you wanna support the show while shopping on Amazon. Them drones will be your friend. As long as they keep dropping sweet consumer products!

TOPICS: Politics, U.S. Politics, Elections, Primaries, Voter Fraud, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Originalists, Voting, Party Politics, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Gary Johnson, Taxes, Hot Button Issues.

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Mike takes Skype calls from friends and fans and talks to Jason Call from Daphne Loves Derby about how they got 5 million downloads.


MHH 150

How an unsigned band got 5 Million downloads while the music business was breaking and more stories from you, my friends and listeners. My main guest is Jason Call of the band Daphne Loves Derby and now Mariner. We talk about his band's space rocket to success by gaining more than 5 million downloads for just 1 song through sites like PureVolume and MySpace and how that led to a record deal, world tours. How did it happen? How did they do it? Did they hack the system or were they just the first to do it?

Special Note: This episode I'm taking your calls on skype. It was a very last minute decision to do a podcast solely based on who I could talk to via skype at that very second. Thanks to Louis DeFabrizio, Nate Allen, Thiago Messias for the chat and everyone else that I didn't get to actually talk to on the podcast. I'll do this again and it will continue to improve.

I also announce the winners of the something free from the Merch Arsenal drawing. Yes.. I do that.

TOPICS: Taxes, Small Business, Music Business, Digital Marketing, Career Arch, Life Choices.  Social Marketing - Reactions, Responses, Analytics, Statistics. Predictive Analytics

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Beebs @BeebsMoney is back on the show and we get to hear her brand new solo song, Ride Around the Sun. Amidst our talk on music, business and more she let us in on a very personal subject on her health and life.  Living in pain from Polymyalgia/Fibromyalgia. I was blown away. Had no idea. Learn about it in this episode. We also cover a few other very interesting topics including:
Routines, Float Tanks, Meditation for people who don't meditate, Music Business, Cannabinoids/CBD/Medicinal Cannabis, iOS update fail - Night Shift, Twitter Freeze Out, Tron Bikes/NASA/SpaceX

Visit her band site for more fun - BEEBS WEBSITE:

Beebs and Her Money Makers were discovered by legendary promoter Kevin Lyman and asked to join the Vans Warped Tour 2013. As they performed all 50+ days of the summer, Beebs and Her Money Makers were filmed for the 2nd Season of Warped Roadies on the FUSE Network.

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