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Kellen Prouse joins the podcast to talk about his life with MS and more: learning online, investing/trading, Food and Health, Living fulling with a disability, medical marijuana, politics and public speaking.

Find Kellen online: Twitter @Prouska, and his blog:

I met Kellen a while back and we had talked about getting together to chat about his lifestyle since being diagnosed with the debilitating disease, Multiple Sclerosis. After over a year since that first meet up with Kellen, I finally got him on the podcast. We had a conversation centered around MS and lifestyle change. I get crazy a few times on a few topics but I think there is some good little nuggets in here.. so thanks for listening and thanks to Kellen for being so open and honest about the real and everyday struggles he faces and will face for the rest of his life.

Living with a disability - Kellen Prouse @Prouska MHH 148 March is MS Awareness Month (Multiple Sclerosis)

Diagnosed with MS in 2010, things went downhill quickly.  A short six months after diagnosis Kellen couldn’t walk, see or feel much of anything.  


Kellen's interests and topics in this podcast

  • Food and Health
  • Adventuring
  • Stock Market / Trading
  • Investing
  • Disability (M.S.)
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Living life to the fullest


MS Society

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Social Media Conference, Public Speaking, Marketing, Networking, DIY Entrepreneurship, and more with Wesley Hoffman and Corey Smale. Find them on Twitter: The Strangehouse, @thestrangehouse, Wesley Hoffman, @wesleyhoffman, Corey Smale, @coreysmale. 

MHH147 -  Wesley Hoffman. Corey Smale. Today’s show is brought to you by Casper.

Meet the guys behind #STRANGEHOUSEWORKSHOP and @thestrangehouse Podcast. A new kind of marketing conference. Food and brew included. They hired me to speak about my longevity and how I learned to connect with my audience above all else. And that led me down the social media path pretty early on. We started our website on March 19, 1996.

In this episode we talk mainly about the event and the business atmosphere in St. Louis. March 11. We also cover the actual planning and workflow that was done to prepare for the event. We get a little granular at times but ultimately we bare out some gems. I'm hoping you agree. We get inside a few deep layers here. I really hope you can get something good out of this talk. I did. I'm always learning new ways to live and think. As I travel I'm always meeting new and interesting people. St. Louis was no exception. Listen and enjoy a look inside the stories that make up our lives. And please send in your comments in the section below or wherever you see me on social media.

TOPICS- Delayed flight. City Museum. Food. Drinks. Social media. Songs. I always change my set. So I do things I don't plan. And don't do things I do plan. It's like joy/pain. Bitter/sweet. 

MORE TOPICS- Morning routines. weekly habits. Mentioned docs & TV- Viceland- Fuck that's Delicious, Bompton with Kendrick Lemar. Recent Books.

Are you an entrepreneur or Freelancer?  I'm a dichotomy. I'm both. But something like a business type can't really define you. We are always making micro adjustments in our lives and in our world view. Business is the perfect example because it never stops changing and common sense is common of reason.

A big turning point and catalyst for change in my life was inevitable. But specifically for me it was continued self-learning. Books. Then The Internet. Podcasts. YouTube. Documentaries. Live Performance. I study humans. And writing.

Questions. Is exercise important to being happy? What does it do for you? If not, why don't you need it?

2 Pac. Hit me up. Bad boy killas. I work out to shit like that. I get serious about it. But I also think a lot. Solve problems. Ideas just hit me. Hit me up. I'm always writing down lines and ideas between sets. On my phone usually. I look like a teenager glued to my phone. But I'm writing it down cause every time I don't, I forget.  I also work out to songs like, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Try not getting a burst of energy with that kick drum pumping and Freddy giving so much of himself. SO music can definitely move you. However, we don't talk about Queen in this episode. Get after it!

FREE MUSIC CONTEST- After the weekend I will pick 1 lucky winner from my email list. PRIZE-That person will get to choose 1 of any piece of music off of the MXPX Merch Arsenal.


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Jesse Lawson, Ryan McKinnon and Brad Miranda are on the podcast this week! @theJesseLawson @RjMckinnon @BradlygMiranda.

That something new for me really worked out well! I'm in St. Louis, sitting in my hotel room after a big day at the #STRANGEHOUSEWORKSHOP event that I spoke at. I had expressed some self doubt and nervousness on the podcast about the (at the time) impending doom aka "the TALK".

In this episode I had a great talk with Musician/ Songwriter, Jesse Lawson, Photographer, Ryan McKinnon, and Engineer/MTS Producer, Bradly G Miranda aka Huggies. We talk about chicago, beer, songs, music, punk, rock, business, photography, movies, podcasts.

For anyone with hustle and big ideas. This episode is for you.

I talk about my trip to Chicago and the new MXPX Pokinatcha Left Coast Style IPA craft beer that we collabed with 350 Brewing in Tinley Park. Chicago is a respectable city. We'll be back for 350 Fest- August 27th, 2016. Tickets on-sale right here:

And just for listeners, is offering a free 30 day trial membership! Go to today to start your free trial today! Again, show your support for The Mike Herrera Hour and click that link below.


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