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Mike talks with Louis Defabrizio (Gasonline Heart) about his recent experience voting for Bernie Sanders in New York City and then Michelle Ray joins to give a more conservative point of view.


If you care about how policies and legislation effects you, this episode is for you! Actually, scratch that. This episode is for everybody. We Americans live in a deeply divided country where it seems like there's no real path to solving our biggest problems. I don't know all the talking points and all the right things to say but I do get passionate about some issues in this episode of the Mike Herrera Hour.

I'm joined by Gasoline Heart's Louis DeFabrizio (@GasolineHeart) from the back of his Brooklyn where he found a spot to hide from his wife and twin baby boys for some eye witness accounting of the NY Democratic Primary Voting Day. This alone is worth tuning in but that's not all!!

In the second segment we get serious about socialism and capitalism with Conservative Radio Personality Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl)

It's a great episode you won't want to miss. Please send me a review and look at the bottom link if you wanna support the show while shopping on Amazon. Them drones will be your friend. As long as they keep dropping sweet consumer products!

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