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This weeks guest is Tom Chichila. If you are in the music business or any creative business this podcast has some gems and tons of value!

Hang out with Mike and Tom as they try to take a walk down memory lane but ultimately and with great passion end up strolling broken music boulevard. So grab your device, headphones, and a nice place to kick your feet up and Let it Happen!


Text Harvey to 90999 [8:00]
Mike and Tom meet [10:25]
Tumbledown and the Swiss guys [16:30]
2013 [20:30]
Holli the angel [24:40]
Back to 2013 [20:30]
The solo gig [30:00]
Mike the tour manager [36:20]
Break the grind [39:00]
The mailing list(props to Tony) [47:00]
Are we stupid? [54:00]
Agents will disappear [58:00]
The bubble [1:03:00]
Playing ball [1:06:30]
Opening for MxPx [1:09:00]
Let it happen? [1:13:00]
Selling new stuff [1:17:00]
Mia the Newbie [1:23:00]
The last fight [1:25:50]
Repressing albums [1:30:00]

Notable Links Discussed:
Less Than Jake 
Five Iron Frenzy

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